Seamstress on the side


I’ve been ruminating about a video I saw today of a seamstress explaining why she chose her job.  She has a degree for fashion design and pattern making, but she chose to be seamstress for the beauty of the work. That’s quite true – at least to me.   It made me quite happy.

I’m coming out of my painting hiatus soon.  While on break, I spent sometime learning basic pattern making and fashion design.  I didn’t return to school, which would be costly.  I relied on books and online tutorials.

I took a break from painting for a few reasons.  I realized that my painting needs honing and more discipline. I was also going through a lot emotional turmoil in my personal life and it hindered everything else. I decided to just take a break from it all.

I learn something very important – to be patient with others and myself.  Most importantly, to be patient with myself.  It’s good for anxiety management.

There will be art coming this way soon.



Update and such


I helped a friend installed loops, lace, and modesty panel for this bridemaid’s dress sometime in November 2014.  That’s basically the only project I had since.

I haven’t had commissions for a while.  As a matter of fact I don’t get much commissions to begin with, but the last couple of years have been extremely  “slow”.  The last year or so, none.  Most of the artworks that I have are just from school and paintings I did on my own. Feeling like I’m falling into a rabbit hole…an artist out of practice.  I figured that people love paintings, but they can’t quite afford it.  I often had times when potential patrons inquired about prices and then I never hear from them.

Other than the above, I was often sick the last two years.  Maybe because I’m getting older…or  because of my legs are getting worse due to childhood polio.  Aches, pain, fatigue and muscle weakness …including arms.  Sigh. I spent the last 2 1/2 months recovering from my right knee being sprained just stepping out of bed.  Silly isn’t it?  Ok…enough with the whining.  I’ll try to do some drawings or simple painting. Perhaps, I should write more to just have my mind distracted from my achy legs.

Collage It!



This is not an art piece.  Just a bunch notes I don’t want to forget pinned on a $4 cork board.  It’s, actually, a case of art influencing life. 

I have a habit of writing things down and grabbing flyers wherever I go to remember the day by.  Some of the notes are evidence of ideas randomly appeared and others are things I need to remember doing or receipts of purchases.  I used to put them in boxes and desk drawers so they won’t get lost…which proved to be useless because I eventually forget about them completely.  So I turned to pinning things on the walls in orderly manner.  That was also a failure since the neatness  bored my eyes and made things so easily dismissed.

 On the brink of giving up, I remember seeing some very attractive collage arts on the internet; Lines, shapes, colors, juxtaposed upon each other all conspired to be an unforgettable entity.   So, I decided to use the method.  I dug all my notes out and pinned them on top of each other all throughout the cork board, leaving some of the surface of each note exposed. In this way, I can see and be reminded of them all at simultaneously.  Well, guess what? It works! I can rarely pass this board without taking a little time checking it out. 

Art influencing life.


The Ecstasy of Gold


This was a commissioned piece I completed one month ago.  Oil on canvas. 11″ X 35.5″. It was inspired by the final scene of the “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  I’ve been away quite a while.  I called it hibernating.  I had a few things to get sort out emotionally-…I didn’t feel like writing much.  Now I’m back!


Shirley Peterson and her wonderful novels



I devote this blog to spread the words about the talent of a passionate author, Shirley Peterson. I became acquainted with Peterson’s name through our mutual good friend, Ron Roberts.  I had the honor to have read The Thule’s Girls and came very close to creating illustrations for the novel.  The Thule’s Girls and The Comisario’s Band are two of the few published books of Peterson.  They are the gems that she left us after her passing due to illness.

Here are youtube addresses for the promotional videos of Shirley Peterson’s books:

Peterson’s novel can be purchase at

Please check out her works. I truly recommend it!!



I used to lose to my artist blocks until the day I found a picture
of a vintage style corset in a Mode magazine from my aunt’s
beauty salon.  To me, it was an aesthetically astonishing piece
of work, a rewarding end product to a tedious process.

I asked my aunt for the magazine,  sliced
off that page with the corset, and put it in a clear plastic
envelope.  Thereafter, I learned the basic pattern making for
corsets and try to make one every now and then.  In the visual
aid above, I made the lavender underbust for Jenny, the lovely
gal modeling it in picture on the right.

SO, I made a habit to quickly jot down whatever brought my muse to me.
Whenever I look at that page of the vintage corset,  I feel like making and
make it beautiful.

Golden Canvas Stretcher

I love it when I can take matters into my own hands and be able custom made

this canvas stretcher.  After knowing that I can build this stretcher myself,

I don’t feel so worry about having to hunt for a right price or wait for a big

sale for large canvases. This is the largest painting I work on thus far.


It’s 39.5″X64″ – in the proportion of the gold ratio or closest to it.

That IS 1.61803…; the ratio that artists, architects, and mathematicians

regarded as the ideal and underlying influence of our visual world.